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Black and White Jewellery

Posted on January 29, 2018

I took part in a Facebook challenge to make a black and white cane and to make something with it.

I’ve been looking at some repeated patterns made with carved block printing recently so took inspiration from them for the cane.

I made a sketch of a pattern and then worked out what the most basic component would be and drew that out. The heart motif was central and I considered making the middle of the heart the line of symmetry in my cane but I was worried about it distorting so decided to build half of the square as my building block instead of the quarter I had drawn out. I cut out several hearts from thick sheets of white polymer clay and put them together to make the heart and then built my design around it.

Cara Jane Black and White Cane construction Jan 2018


Here is the cane once I had finished building it up. On the left I have put it together 4 times to make a square cane. On the right I have put reduced the square cane a little and cut it into 4 equal lengths so I could restack it to make a larger cane – less work at the next stage!

Black and White Kaleidoscope cane Cara Jane Polymer Clay Jan 2018

Here are 6 thin slices of the big cane laid together to make a veneer.

Cara Jane Black and White Polymer Clay Veneer from cane Jan 2018

I used the veneer to make this pendant

and also the matching earrings

Cara Jane Black and White Earrings Polymer Clay Jan 2018


I am really pleased with how they turned out so I am keeping them for myself 🙂

I am off to Rome at the end of this week to take part in Polycreativa – just as a student this year which should be fun. I will share some pictures of what I make with the excellent tutors – Bettina Welker, Nikolina Otrzan and Sylvie Peraud.


  1. Beautiful, Cara.

    • Thank you Carrie!

  2. Cane work as intricately beautiful as yours still eludes me Cara, but at least I can admire an artist at work!

    • thank you 🙂 xx

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