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New Faux Marquetry Brooches

Posted on August 26, 2016

I’ve been really busy this year with lots of exciting things.  I will write a post soon to let you know more about what I have been up to but first I would like to show you my latest polymer creations….

Cara Jane Faux Marquetry Pebble Brooches Polymer Clay

These are Faux Marquetry Brooches made from polymer of course. I will be teaching how to make these at the 3 day polymer clay workshop Polycreativa in Rome next spring. I taught at the same event earlier this year and had a fantastic time so I can’t wait to go back in February 2017.


  1. Hi, I’m new to polymer clay and came across your site just now. Can’t tell you how amazed I am by your artistry! Your work is truly masterful, like next level from the other polymer clay artists I’ve been adding to my bookmarks. Sorry to gush but I have not been more inspired to learn caning techniques until I saw your kaleidoscopes and tiles and kimono prints! Oh my! And who knew that polymer clay could look like actual inlaid wood?? Well done, m’lady!

    • thank you for taking the time to comment! I hope you are enjoying exploring the possibilities of polymer clay.

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