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Earrings Challenge and Easton Arts Trail

Posted on June 23, 2012

The Easton Arts Trail is fast approaching so I have finally got round to finishing some of the things on my half finished pile including some earrings for the earrings a week challenge!

Next weekend I will be in Easton Community Centre with my jewellery from 11am -6pm on Saturday 30th June and Sunday 1st July. I have plenty of new jewellery including quite a lot I haven’t posted here – I can’t share everything with you or I would have no time to make anything and you would  get fed up of seeing it!

This has also meant that I am starting to get back up to date with the earrings a week challenge. I know you are supposed to actually make a pair of earrings each week – the beads were all made but I just didn’t find time to make them up into earrings and photograph them.

Here are some of my latest earrings

Jubilee flower earrings in patriotic red, white and blue
Black and white kaleidoscope cane earrings
Curled petal earrings from the Dark red with a yell palette – made with a some left over cane bits

I’ll also have leaflets with some details of my latest polymer clay workshops in Bristol. I have plenty suitable for complete beginners and some for more experienced clayers too. You can also find details on my diary page (link up the top under heading) or on my latest newsletter (link on top left)

It’s still raining here – it’s supposed to be summer 🙁 Oh well it doesn’t matter much when you are making jewellery I guess. Hope the weather is good where ever you are!



  1. Your jewellery is beautiful1 Good Luck for next weekend!

  2. Your earrings are beautiful Cara Jane, I especially love the Jubilee flower pair! Wishing you good luck next weekend!

  3. Très joli !!!!

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