52 pairs of earrings a year challenge – week one for me | Cara Jane Polymer Clay 52 pairs of earrings a year challenge – week one for me | Cara Jane Polymer Clay

52 pairs of earrings a year challenge – week one for me

Posted on January 15, 2012

I was wondering what type of earrings I should make first – then it became obvious – little cats of course!
(You can find my free tutorial to make them yourself here  – I wouldn’t recommend starting so small though, they are very fiddly small!)

They  are 2cm across, I had to make 3 cats as I realised after I made the second identical to the first they would look better mirroring each other.

If you like to make things why not join the challenge? They don’t have to be made from polymer clay, just be earrings. It was set by Anke Humpert on flickr, to make 52 pairs of earrings a year. I am starting this week so I should play along for 52 weeks and finish this time next year. My intention is to make a pair and list them for sale in my online shop but I haven’t got my shop up together yet, nearly there! I am not happy enough with these to sell them anyway. Week 2, next week the earrings will be listed for sale!!!!!

Check out the earrings made already this year in the group photo pool

What challenges have you set yourself for this year?


  1. Cara, those are toooooooooo cute. 52 pairs of earrings should be easy. I’ve made 193 pair since last February. I still don’t have enough to sell in my shop. My friend in the nursing home sells all my earrings as soon as I mail them to her. I can’t keep up. She’s 96 and she’s still designing earrings for me to make. You should be able to do 52 with no problem.

  2. Love these pair of earrings, Cara, course, I love everything you make! 8) Wow, 52 pairs of earrings…think I will join the fun! I have been wanting to make more earrings. I think this will be a good incentive for me. I am always looking for challenges. Thanks for sharing this…headed over to site right now! 8)

  3. Thanks for your confidence Bonnie! I have made more than 2 pairs already but I can see there might be weeks were it is difficult! my husband is worried about the house being over run with earrings! Are you going to come join in being as you are an earring master 😉

    Lupe glad you are going to join in. Look forward to seeing your earrings.

  4. Cara -they are gorgeous and just the kind of thing I’d love to make myself. I see possibilities for variations. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. Will have a go at it hopefully soon, when I finished all my other projects.

  5. Cara, your generosity brings tears to my eyes. I had to put my own dear cat to sleep just yesterday; he got so sick, so quickly. He was a rescue — a foundling — that I pulled from a 4-foot snow bank almost ten years ago. We shared lots of ups and downs over those years. It will take a long time to reconcile myself to his absence. Seeing first your “Sleeping Kitty” sculpture — and now the earrings — gave me the first smile i’ve had all day. He slept just like that: a furry ball of sweetness, with his nose tucked under his tail. So now, with my “work” cut ut for me, I just had to say thanks. This is a wonderful thing that you do.

    • SO sorry for your loss Roseanne.

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