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Tutorials – photos or video?

Posted on January 9, 2012

So having had a busy weekend doing non polymer clay things I am now free to get back to my clay – hurray!
First on the agenda is that cat tutorial, only 2 more followers to go!
I am struggling a little to make some of my explanations clear (I might just send it out to some of my faithful followers for testing- don’t worry Bonnie – you’d make that list!) and am wondering about perhaps trying to make a little video instead/as well. How do you like to learn new techniques? Would you rather a video or written instructions with photos?

If you happen to be in the Bristol, UK area I am having a January Jewellery sale this Wednesday afternoon and evening- email me to get details if you would like to come along. I have sent out an email invitation to all my mailing list people but quite a few were returned as I think I misread their writing so if you wanted to be on my mailing list but haven’t heard from me do get in touch.


  1. You are soooooooooo funny and I’m so excited. Here’s my opinion. Pictures and instructions are my favorite so I can go back and look at things step by step. Maybe younger people like youtubes or videos but my short term memory stinks so I like pictures.

    Hope you do good in your sale.

  2. I really like well photographed and well written tute. The videos only work if someone is holding the camera very still and very close up to your hands. I hate the ones where I can’t see a thing that is going on. So I vote for written. That is my 2 cents.

  3. Funny cause I would tend to prefer written instructions, I find it hard concentrate on videos for some reason. they don’t always hold my attention and it’s not easy to skip ahead like your eyes can on a page. It would appear from facebook that video is more preferred. Written one will come first anyway.

  4. When I do my videos for sale I usually write the instructions with pictures etc and then video it using those instructions as a guide for the steps. That way they match.
    Can’t wait to see you cat tut.

    And look…..I’m #100 tada!

  5. hurray for being the 100th follower! Thank you Alice. A draft copy is going out to some active followers and special friends while I work out how best to publish it for everyone else. Very soon it will be available to you all, thank you!

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