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London Polymer Clay Group Demonstration

Posted on January 5, 2012

I will be giving a demonstration at the next London Polymer Clay Group meeting which is on Sunday 29th January on how I make this background less star flower cane and then form them into cupped flower beads. I must credit Zuleykha for showing me how to make the flower beads but the cane is my own, from a fabric pattern (to match a top, which I might even wear to the meeting if I remember) and I will demonstrate how I make a small flower cane with no background, without playdough!

Here are some of my creations using this technique, my own favourite bracelet that matches the top with these flowers as part of the print.

You may remember these blue and brown ones as being my sisters wedding jewellery if you have been following this blog since the summer.

I am also running a trial with some friends to see how long it takes to make these in a workshop so I can offer it as a workshop locally (Bristol UK) later in the year.

Only 7 more followers til I hit 100 and share that cat tutorial! Thank you!


  1. I love that blue and brown. I think you should write a tutorial for the flowers and sell it on Etsy.

    Do you really have to wait till you get 7 more????? I want a black and white kitty. The new one I have is wearing me out. I forgot how much work new kittens are. But, I met a lady today who was 45 and had a 2 year old daughter. I can’t imagine. Please put the kitten directions out. If I cry and beg would that help?

  2. lol Bonnie if it was finished I would probably cave in after that begging but it’s not finished yet! I had to do real work today (teaching 30 6 year olds!) instead of playing with clay 🙁
    I will try and get it finished soon and I see there are only 6 more now! Can’t imagine having a 2 year old at 45 it was bad enough at 35! Cara

  3. I am agree with Bonnie, Cara! Love that blue and brown!

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