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Polymer clay demonstration in Hobbycrafts

Posted on May 2, 2012

Hello lovely blog readers! I have had a really nice day demonstrating some polymer clay techniques in my local Hobbycraft store. It was a casual demonstration where people could come and watch and ask questions rather than a more formal ‘talk’ at a set time. I met some lovely new people who were very interested to see what I was doing, hopefully some of them will catch the polymer clay bug and can take great pleasure in creating with it, like I do!

Here’s my work area and me talking to the lovely Dawn Wilkins who did a great job photographing my sisters wedding last year. It was nice surprise to meet her again and I hope to go see the paintings that she is exhibiting next week at the Severn Vale Art Trail. I also had a display of jewellery too, to my right so you can’t see it in this picture.

Despite chatting I had a productive day and I made some intricate flower and kaleidoscope canes and off course a Stroppel cane from the scraps! I then used these to make some pendants and some of my little creatures.

If I had been more organised I would of told you about the fact I was going to do a demonstration in advance  so that you had a chance to come and say ‘Hi’ – well I will be back again on Thursday 14th June if you live close enough to visit!


  1. It’s wonderful to have such an opportunity!!!
    Glad you had a good time Cara 🙂

  2. Wonderful, Cara. Make demonstrations is something really enriching. Congrats!!


  3. Cara, Looks like you had an enjoyable and productive day and, no doubt, have recruited some new fledgeling PC addicts. KUDOS!

  4. You did have a productive day Cara! I love the Owls they are very cute. xx

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