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Improved star cane

Posted on June 7, 2010

So I was just sitting down trying to figure out how to make them neater when I remembered I had a small star cookie cutter. I was going to use it to make an impression on the end of the block of clay to use as a cutting guide when I remembered seeing somewhere someone making a cane from cookie cutters (sorry can’t remember who or where or when – I do remember it was elephants and it was a neat idea).

Here’s what I did. The sheet was about 1cm thick, could of made it thicker but it reduced OK

Cutting out the parts for the star cane. Cut 2 circles and then cut a star out of the middle of both of them.

Parts ready  to put together – swap the stars to the other coloured circle.

Canes ready to reduce

Better star canes finished

I am pleased with the end result. I wish I had some more interesting small cutters, I have some great ones but they are too big it would be very difficult reducing a disc 15cm wide but only 1 cm deep I imagine.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I have had a go at star canes a while ago but following Donna Kato’s instructions and without the cookie cutters, which was not easy. This however looks like it could not only save a bit of time but they come out really nice.

  2. I love your work ! It is always so neat. How do you manage to keep your dots and lines undamage when you manipulate your clay? Mine get all distorted.

    • Hi Maria – what brand of clay do you use? For cane work I use Kato clay which is very firm and so doesn’t distort so much! I’ve seen other people make amazing neat canes with softer brands of of polymer clay but I am too heavy handed so prefer Kato. Thanks for taking the time to comment I really appreciate knowing that people actually read what I write 🙂 Cara

  3. Hello Cara, I have just’ discovered’ you through the BPCG. I’ve been looking at your work which is gorgeous, and heard about Polymania which I’d love to attend. Thank you for the free tutorials you’ve shared with us. Hoping to see you at a future Polymania,

    • Hi Val I hope you have signed up to the mailing list to get priority booking. I look forward to meeting you. Cara

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