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Improved star cane

Posted on June 7, 2010

So I was just sitting down trying to figure out how to make them neater when I remembered I had a small star cookie cutter. I was going to use it to make an impression on the end of the block of clay to use as a cutting guide when I remembered seeing somewhere someone making a cane from cookie cutters (sorry can’t remember who or where or when – I do remember it was elephants and it was a neat idea).

Here’s what I did. The sheet was about 1cm thick, could of made it thicker but it reduced OK

I am pleased with the end result. I wish I had some more interesting small cutters, I have some great ones but they are too big it would be very difficult reducing a disc 15cm wide but only 1 cm deep I imagine.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I have had a go at star canes a while ago but following Donna Kato’s instructions and without the cookie cutters, which was not easy. This however looks like it could not only save a bit of time but they come out really nice.

  2. I love your work ! It is always so neat. How do you manage to keep your dots and lines undamage when you manipulate your clay? Mine get all distorted.

    • Hi Maria – what brand of clay do you use? For cane work I use Kato clay which is very firm and so doesn’t distort so much! I’ve seen other people make amazing neat canes with softer brands of of polymer clay but I am too heavy handed so prefer Kato. Thanks for taking the time to comment I really appreciate knowing that people actually read what I write 🙂 Cara

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