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Quick star cane

Posted on June 7, 2010

Finally after what seems like forever I managed to grab some clay time today. I have been having a lovely time on holiday with my friends and family but I have also been aching to create!

My daughter’s school remained closed today after the holidays for a teacher training day but she was happy playing by herself for a bit so I had a go at making a star cane.

Over on the Polymer Clay Central Forum there is a June Cane Challenge where people are trying out new things with canes and posting pictures of what they have been up to. One of the postings was of a star cane made by Kathi. This inspired me to have a go at a star cane too. I made one a long long time ago when I was about 15 but it was very distorted. Kathi kindly shared some tips on how she made hers (check the forum out if you want to know 😉 and I managed to make 2 small canes in about 5 mins.

A bit too rushed so they aren’t the neatest, and I am not sure what I was thinking with the colour – not very apt for stars. I started out with 2 logs of clay the same(ish) dimensions. I placed the pony bead on top to make a mark to guide my cutting. I cut along the lines the pony bead made to cut out wedges, leaving a solid star. I then swapped the wedges over to the other colour and taa daa 2 star canes!

I am off to have another go now the kids are in bed and I can take a bit more time.

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