Quick clay play today – scrap lentil beads | Cara Jane Polymer Clay Quick clay play today – scrap lentil beads | Cara Jane Polymer Clay

Quick clay play today – scrap lentil beads

Posted on March 20, 2010

It’s the weekend and the kids are around so it is time for family but my kind husband took the kids down to the gym this morning which meant I had just over an hour of clay time alone. I spent my time playing with the extruder but didn’t produce anything I would bother repeating. So what do I do with this pile of scrap I have just produced? What else but swirl lentil beads. They haven’t been baked yet but here they are.

 Scrap clay lentil swirl beads

My aim is to try and turn them into some jewellery realatively soon (but I do have a lot of birthdays coming up, 5 next week including my daughter, my Godson and 2 close friends!).


  1. I love these – how do you make them?

  2. Caroline, glad you have managed to comment direct. There are tutorials for them all over the place but my favourite is from Desiree’s Desired Creations . I have just reread it and I think I could improve my technique a bit. Funny how you learn something then forget what you read and do it your own way – sometimes this is good and you give it your own twist or find a better way, sometimes you just forget some of the useful tips you read!

  3. What lovely lentils! Super colour combo. I especially like the one on the bottom left. It reminds me of the ocean and surf. Lucky recipients if you turn them into birthday gifts.

  4. I have just discovered you and am beginning my adventure in polymer clay. So I will be popping back regularly to see what you are doing.

  5. Thank you Anita, I see what you mean about that bottom left one, it is my favourite too.

    Fiona enjoy your adventure! There is plenty of information to help you out there on the internet but shout if you have anything in particular you need information on cause if I don’t know I probably know where to find out at least.

  6. Your lentil swirls are very pretty. Love the shade of blues. I love making lentil swirls — I actually find them rather addicting!

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