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Lentil Swirl Bead Tip for Patterns

Posted on March 23, 2010

Well if you have made a lot of lentil swirl beads you will already know this but in case you haven’t here’s something I learnt about patterns today (I don’t normally swirl with patterns usually it is just a pile of scrap).

I carefully placed a flower in the centre of the ball I started swirling thinking it would look nice swirled – but it disappeared!

Swirl lentil bead that started with a flower in the centre that ‘disappeared’ 

Desiree does say in her excellent tutorial on making lentil swirl beads that the rotation does draw the clay from the outer areas towards the centre of the bead. With pattern this means that the pattern at the edges expands and the pattern in the centre shrinks to the point of almost disappearing at the very top of the bicone. So when choosing where to place your round ball to start swirling put the pretty bit off centre! If it is in the middle it is likely to shrink very tiny the outer edge gets huge and somewhat distorted so the best place for that pretty flower is somewhere between the two.

Swirl lentil with flowers placed between centre and edge

This was using up my offcuts from some Paisley spoons I made for presents today (oh and one for me too ;).
I have refined my technique and can now make the fabric up (from the preprepared canes – I still have plenty!) and cover 6 spoons in about an hour. I have a feeling I will be making plenty more so that’s good news.

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