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Patterned Puffins

Posted on November 12, 2023

I love puffins! I also love creating geometric canes with polymer clay and I have discovered I enjoy sculpting so it will come as no surprise that patterned puffins have emerged!

The first one I finished earlier this year had two different cane patterns covering its body, one darker and one lighter for its white tummy. There are also some different ‘tail feather’ patterns on the underside of the tail. The beak is a cane too. The eye was made by cutting and replacing different colours of clay.

I have just finished my second patterned puffin ‘Curious Puffin’ This puffin is a bit larger than the first at 14.5cm from beak to tail. It has similar cane patterns to the first one. Because it’s larger I ended up having to make a larger beak cane – so I have plenty more for future puffins! The eye on this puffin is also a cane so it has more detail than the first one. You get a little glimpse of the tail feather cane in the last photo.

I am working on the third! I hope I will get it finished in time for the upcoming Totterdown and Fishponds Arts Trails

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