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Sanding tip – help from a toy

Posted on October 14, 2016

Here’s a tip for sanding small flat polymer clay items without loosing your finger tips (done that a few times and it’s not fun!).

If you are in the UK Lidl are giving away these small kids Stickeez toys with every £10 spent at the moment. If you don’t have access these it seems they are also available on ebay and there used to be a brand available in the toy shops called Stick’ems I think. What you are looking for is a toy with a small suction cup – about 1cm in diameter.

The suction cup is small enough to be able to grab even small things like these earrings which are a little over 1cm square. I find it best to wet the suction cup and then press it onto your polymer piece. The creature makes an excellent handle to then sand your piece keeping your fingers well away from the sand paper.

Cara Jane Polymer Clay Tip - Using a kids small suction figure to hold a small polymer clay item for sanding



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  1. I use double sided sticky tape on my finger! Thanks for the marquetry workshop earlier this month Cara, it was fantastic. I will blog about it soon

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