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Peacock Cane

Posted on August 20, 2012

I started this peacock cane ages ago. I looked at several images of peacock feathers to get the colours and the shapes. It has to be simplified a little as I didn’t want to replicate a feather exactly – too delicate. I did the centre fairly easily but was then uncertain how to deal with the outer green and gold layers. I wanted to hint at the feathers structure but didn’t want to get too complicated.

Finally I tackled it and I’m pleased with how it worked out. Here’s the cane

Peacock Cane

Polymer Clay Peacock Cane by Cara Jane

I then decided I had better make a pair of earrings from it (as I am now rather behind with the earrings a week challenge on flickr). I made then from a simple slice but decided they needed a little something to make them more interesting so I added some score lines to indicate the feathers structure and then scored a line down the centre and used that to folded them slightly (as you see I couldn’t resist a little peacock too 😉

Cara Jane Peacock and Peacock feathers earring polymer clay

I then remembered some brilliant design advice I got from Inga – Kni.Kni about changing the little silver balls on the ear wires with tiny beads – boy did that change the look of the earrings for the better! It lifted them from being ordinary earwires to being special. I could of chosen any of the colours in the feather but decided to pick a nice bright blue to match with the centre as I had pretty seed beads in the colour. Thank you for the tip Inga!


My kids are still home for the summer for a couple more weeks then I hope to get a little more clay time and update you more regularly again! I hope you are all having fun.



  1. Love your version of the peacock cane, and it looks very polished with the extra texture you have applied.

  2. You’re welcome, Care Jane! 😉 I’m glad you tried this idea and as i see, now your earrings have finished look. Great job!

    • Thank you they really do!

  3. wow, that bead really makes the earrings pop! Need to have a look at my own batch and see what I can change there 🙂 Thanks for the tip Inga!
    Very pretty Peacock too!

  4. Those are really pretty. I love your little peacock, he’s cute.

  5. This is just stunning! And you’re right about the seed beads on the ear wires, what a great tip!

    • Thanks! I am very grateful to Inga for the tip – no more silver balls for me!

  6. Te ha quedado precioso, me encanta de verdad. Besos

  7. Hi do you still make the peacock cane earrings and do you sell them online? Thanks

    • Hi Trisha yes I still make them. I don’t have an online shop but I can post some to you. I will email you. Thanks

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