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Mokume gane colour variations

Posted on May 24, 2012

 Turquoise on top            Red on top
An additonal black layer on top        White on top

All these mokume gane patterns have been made with the same colours of polymer clay; turquoise, white and red  just in a different order. It is quite amazing the difference you get just by varying the order of the colours.

On the one which had the white on top of the stack the turquoise which was the layer underneath has become muted so it looks more like a teal than the bright turquoise it really is. The red is still bright on this one though. The only one that has an extra colour is the bottom left one which has a layer of black put on the top before the pattern was impressed.   Putting the layer of black on the top made the colours seem even brighter where they do show through.

They ended up quite small pieces as I was just experimenting so I haven’t made anything with them yet. The weather has been lovely and sunny here which is a nice change after the weeks and weeks of rain we had! Long may the sun shine!


  1. What a great experiment/demo CJ. There’s not a lot of black in the bottom left one when you look closely at it but it really dominates the piece. Lindley would be proud of you!

  2. It’s amazing how different they are…nice experiment 🙂

  3. That is a really good experiment Cara! It is quite surprising what a difference it makes. I really like the top right with the red on top….I need to get my pasta machine out and have a go…..xx

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