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Posted on July 7, 2011

Oh dear I have made the mistake of looking at Pinterest! There goes half my life playing with it! But how wonderful to be able to pin up pictures from everywhere in one place. I have a lot of favourites on flickr and I have lots of starred or tagged blog posts in Google Reader but now I can keep them all together!

I still haven’t quite figured it all out yet but I have made myself 2 pinboards, one for polymer clay inspiration and one to collect together peoples wonderful polymer clay photo tutorials. I shall spend some time hunting around seeing who else has interesting polymer clay pin boards – if you’ve got one let me know and I’ll go check it out.
 I’m CaraJaneUK on Pinterest (there was already a CaraJane). If there’s no new clay work here for a while – blame Pinterest!
Cara x


  1. I am hopelessly addicted to Pinterest! You will find me there as ColtPixy. =)

  2. Oops, No my real name is there. Just followed you, my avatar has ColtPixy on it.

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