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Pick a Pinterest tutorial…..

Posted on January 24, 2012

On Sunday night I decided I had worked hard for the last few days and instead of getting on with the things on my ever increasing to-do list I would do something just for me! I went to my Pinterest Polymer Clay tutorials board and picked something that wouldn’t take too long. 
I picked this

This is a free tutorial and I really appreciate people sharing them for free.  I know how much effort it takes to take all those photos and try and find words to describe what you are doing – that make sense! I had a few moments of confusion with this one but I got there. I think the original colours used were more striking. Mine is a very pearlescent purple I mixed from Kato clay (more on pesky pearlescent Kato in a blog post soon!).

I am not quite sure if I shall string it as a pendant with the oval beads either side, or have the oval beads as earrings, or do something completely different with it. What do you think? I know a few people have had problems commenting on my blog, if you do please let me know by email – carajaneuk(at)gmail.com or on facebook or Twitter

As you can see by my ‘pin it’ button I am getting sucked deeper into the world of pinterest, it’s a great place to be – so inspiring!

Thanks for reading my blog, I hope you are having a great week and find some time to do something, just for you too!



  1. Pinterest is a great site. I’ve learned so much from the inspiration and tutorials there. That’s where I met you and heard about your delightful cat tutorial. That alone was worth the effort to learn to use Pinterest! Keep pinning!

  2. Hi Cara
    I really like Pinterest too, when I signed up I read the ‘mission statement’ you know the rules and behavior code…all good mind you, I felt very calm there basically because everyone is suppose to be on their best behavior
    Well a couple of days ago I saw an art photo of two naked people in the john/yoko pose wrapped in plastic *this was not my problem* the problem was the harsh critisizm that some people were casting (not on the art) on others comments—-as you can probley tell this has stuck with me
    Why tell you this? Not sure, but you seem to like Pinterest as much if not more than me and was basically wondering if you saw any of this
    …ramble,ramble sorry dear

  3. Good Grief
    I forgot to tell you that I liked your color choice quite a bit!
    Have a great day 🙂

  4. Hi swanwalk – I think I’ve found you on pinterest and I follow your polymer clay board. Nice to meet you!

    Tantesherry – No didn’t see that. I only really follow polymer clay, jewellery and a few crochet boards so it didn’t make it onto those. There seems to be a spate of people being a bit harsh on facebook too. What we need is spring to arrive to soften everyones moods! Can you let me know your email by the way as I tried to contact you before and can’t find it. Oh and what’s your pinterest user? Thanks Cara

  5. Thanks Cara! I’ve been wanting to start Pinterest but not enough time in on my hands, but may be well worth the trouble if you can find all these interesting polymer clay stuff! Just added a few of your PC sites off your Pinterest to my guild newsletter…Thanks a bunch! 8)

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