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What will I make next?

Posted on February 10, 2011

I have so many ideas of things I want to make with polymer clay my head has’t got room for much else! I am in such a creative place at the moment that jewellery designs just pop into  my head all the time (especially in bed trying to sleep it would seem). I am not complaining about this but I do wish I had more time available to play with my clay so I could make them all before the ideas fade (I’ve tried writing/drawing them but it seems to kill the idea rather than preserve it for some reason). I am enjoying my curved disc shape at the moment and want to make one that mimics a summer sky and I want to make a necklace with several discs.

There are also a loads of techniques I want to try – there are just so many possibilities with polymer clay! Some at the top of my list are;

  • Watercolour technique
  • Making my own texture plates
  • Using liquid polymer clay as a varnish (heat gun after bake)
  • Mokume gane, sutton slice and mica shift – have tried these but still not perfected
  • Making polymer necklace closures
  • Using mica powders
  • Crackles

I also really want to play with resin coatings but that means investing in a UV light, maybe once I have had a few more successful sales!

I also have some experiments to do. I am keen to do some baking  trials as I commented at the London Polymer Clay Group that you couldn’t bring fimo to a glass like shine like you could Kato and then on the way home remembered Carol Blackburn’s fabulously shiny fimo bowl from the previous meeting- which had just been sanded and did have a glass like shine. I have a feeling that perhaps I don’t bake my fimo things long enough, thus they don’t polish so well – only one way to find out….

I am going to spend some time in the next couple of months playing with these ideas, actually using some of the books and tutorials I have instead of just looking at them. I am also going to try and imitate the style of some of my favourite pieces of jewellery by other polymer clay artists to get a feel for their technique and to further develop my skill.

I look forward to sharing the results with you!


  1. I wish I had as much time to play with clay as you do!!

  2. I used the EnviroTex Lite two-part resin and am thrilled with the results. The only down side is that you have to put it in a dust-free environment while it cures and that takes about 48 hours. I put mine inside a plastic storage bin and put the lid on. Worked beautifully. See my post of 1-25-11. By the way, I’ve used one of the kinds that require the UV light and was less than pleased…

  3. Jo I did think that as I wrote it, that I am lucky I do get about 3 days a week to play with clay (around social events and housework) but right now I would be happy to clay 24/7 and still wouldn’t have enough time. It is taking over my life!!

    Arlene I am off to read that post, thanks for the tip

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