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New texture sheet and Mokume Gane

Posted on June 9, 2010

I often admire other peoples Mokume Gane pieces but am always dissatisfied with my own. I’ve played about with the mokume gane technique a few times and tried various different  colours and methods.

Finally I got round to buying some texture sheets and decided to have another go.

Starting stack before rolling

The swirl texture sheet and the clay stack after passing through the pasta machine

The end sheet after slicing

Not quite sure what I will do with it (she’ll probably cover a spoon handle you are probably thinking if you have read this blog for a while..) It still doesn’t grab me as much as some others I have seen but I quite like it. Colours are a bit wacky! I think I should of had more layers in my stack to start with. The texture sheet is pretty thick which means it gives a nice deep impression but only just goes through the pasta machine. Perhaps I ought to roll it by hand.


  1. The key to getting the pretty designs you see in some other artists work is to stack, then run your stack through the pasta machine. I usually run mine through at least three times. Stack, roll at thickest setting, cut in half and restack, then roll again, cut in half and restack, then roll one more time. Then run through with your texture sheet. The thin layers give you a much better ahhhhhhh moment!

  2. Thanks Arlene I knew there was something I was missing. I guess getting the right colours helps too – off to study some pieces on flickr for inspiration

  3. I agree with Arlene and the more contrast in your colors, the better. I personally like the pattern you ended up with. Not bad for your first attempt!

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