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Turquoise things and how to string?

Posted on April 19, 2010

Here’s the necklace that I have been talking about. You can see the silver flower pendant I made a polymer clay prototype for (still haven’t played with my PMC yet).

It is from ‘Make Jewellery’ magazine issue 4

I started stringing those chip beads with the focal bead I showed you the other day. I find it difficult to see how things will look and have to string up a bit to see. I started off with just the chips but there wasn’t enough (the problem of playing around rather than planning!). I then tried putting seed beads between each chip.

At that point I suddenly decided to make it a bit more complex and try multiple strands. I am fairly new to beading, in the past I have mainly made pendants and strung them on cord or a silver chain.

I took 3 lengths of tiger tail and using crimps fixed the focal bead in the centre (I used crimp covers cause I still haven’t got round to buying crimping pliers yet). I then threaded 3 different strands with different beads, a mix of chips and 3 different colour seed beads – matt turquoise,silver and a shiny turquoise.

I then tried with 1 strand chips and 2 strands seed beads – didn’t like it.

I then wondered if I should just go back to a string of chips with seed beads or silver/crystal spacers. Then I got all indecisive and decided it was time for bed (I am making an effort to go to bed early at the moment in the hope I will be less tired sometime!). So I will sleep on it but any thoughts about what you would do with it would be gratefully received.


  1. This is beautiful.I love how the color turned out. I can’t wait to see it finished!

  2. I’m no expert but I prefer the simplicity of the first stringing. Perhaps with another couple of smaller focal beads? Love the colour.

  3. At the moment I think I am off back to my bead box to try out some different coloured beads. I’ll keep you posted.

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