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Polymer Clay Tumble Chips

Posted on April 3, 2010

(I really wanted to show you my polymer clay covered Egg (warts and all) I made but the pictures are still in the camera and the camera isn’t with me – I’ll show you after Easter – late rather than timely but never mind. In the meantime I shall catch up with some other things I have been up to.)

You may recall a while ago I posted a picture of a polymer clay prototype I made for a flower pendant I intend to make in PMC. Here it is again .

I saw a project in a jewellery magazine and it had a Thai Hilltribe silver pendant that looked like this strung with turquoise and amazonite gemstone chips . I suddenly had the inspiration the other day that I could make my own faux turquoise chips. I haven’t tried any faux techniques yet, there are several on my polymer clay to do list (which is about 3 pages long 😉

I had some translucent clay out the other day and had a bit left over and a spare few minutes so had a go at making some chip beads just to see how they would work out. I used a bit of blue alcohol ink mixed in and they came out looking quite a lot like the amazonite chips used in the necklace project.

The central bead  was a ball that I squashed and then imprinted with a textured button, a different one on each side. I need to add some sort of patina or something to bring the pattern out, again I haven’t done any surface effects after baking so that will be another round of experimenting another day (all tips or ideas welcome for that!).

So I will have a go at the faux turquoise soon and will perhaps make some more of these – just making some variations in the colour a bit to make them look more natural. Think I will just not mix the ink so thoroughly. Then I can string a complete polymer prototype (hmm wonder if I would ever get round to making the real thing…)

Hope you all have a great Easter. I taught my kids (nearly 6 and just turned 4) to sew this week and they love it. They have made presents for everyone from some brightly coloured felt. I have been crocheting (to fill the gaps when I can’t clay) chrysanthemum dishcloths for everyone which are probably too pretty for dishcloths but hey…

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  1. I like those chip beads what a great idea. No clay today for me. Partying all day!

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