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Great links from Doreen

Posted on March 3, 2010

Having posted about Doreen’s giveaway on her blog she kindly visited my blog and left some really useful comments. I have decided to post them here so you can all benefit from them too. I only discovered Backyard Beads today and I had a good nose around  but clearly didn’t go back far enough as I missed these useful posts.


Doreen said…

I have tried all the clays. I like Kato the best! Here are a few resources for color mixing. I’ve posted on my blog about some of the tools I use (expensive, but really handy) (I love this!)

Hope this helps 🙂

 I am writing this whilst sat on a bag of crumbly Kato to try and warm it up to make it less crumbly 😉The 3 in 1 color tool Doreen mentions in the last post is available from but not the UK amazon – so typical!


  1. Have you ever tried the Jana-Whack method for conditioning your Kato clay? Method 2 on this list:

    I just sit on the concrete step in my garage, put the clay (which is still in it’s package) on the concrete floor (on a plastic garbage bag so it stays clean) and whack the heck out of it.
    Works great! Then just take thin slices from your whacked clay and run them through the pasta machine.

  2. Dorren another great link. I think I shall just try posting s series of questions on my blog to see if you have some great links for them too! Thank you!

    Funny you should mention it I dedcided to try the Jana-Whack method today. I tried out 3 methods – slice and roll, food processor and Jana-whack and will write up how I found them as a post. This Kato clay is a whole new way of working but with the expecption of the conditioning I am loving it!

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