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Posted on February 24, 2014

I had a very busy few days representing Kato Polyclay at the Craft Stitch and Hobby International Trade Show at the NEC in Birmingham last week. It is such an honour to be able to share the magic of polymer clay with so many people in such a short time.

This year I delivered the message very effectively with a Product Presentation everyday – where I shared a slide show sharing some of my tips about using Kato Polyclay and then did a quick demo of a kaleidoscope cane.

Cara Jane Kato product  presentation  at CHSI 2014

ara Jane Kato product presentation CHSI2014 up close

I even had a head mic 😉

I also gave a 40 minute millifiori masterclass each day. There were 20 people many of whom had never used polymer clay before. It was a bit of a rush in the 40 minutes but thanks to all my hard work with the preparation (I’d conditioned and sheeted all the clay for them!)I’m proud to say they all went home with a beautiful kaleidoscope cane. I don’t have any photographs from during the workshop as we were far too busy but here’s one as people were arriving.

Cara Jane Kato Millifiori workshop CHSI2014

In between I was at the Decoman booth(Decoman distribute Kato Polyclay in Europe) preparing clay for the workshops and meeting people and explaining some of the things you can do with polymer clay. I think this picture must of been taken early on before I filled the table up.

Cara Jane at the (Decoman)Kato Polyclay Booth


I was delighted to finally meet the lovely Lisa Pavelka! I hadn’t realised she was doing workshops in the UK  just after the show or I would of booked to go on one – hopefully next time!

Cara Jane and Lisa Pavelka at CHSI 2014

It was wonderful to meet the lovely Lisa Pavelka!

For some reason I didn’t take a picture of my jewellery on display in the cabinet (maybe I was too busy 😉 ).

I have several workshops coming up over the next couple of weeks (see diary page for more details) which will keep me busy and then I shall be working on some of my new ideas for jewellery.

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