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Synergy 3 – Wonderful!

Posted on March 21, 2013

I am just back from Atlanta where I have been attending the IPCA conference – Synergy 3. It was wonderful!!!

The seminars were excellent. I have many new ideas to take on board. My head is still rather muddled from the travel and tiredness (didn’t sleep a lot whilst I was away for many reasons – excitement, noise, different time zones, parties….) but I shall sit down and read through my notes again in the next few days. My work was already heading in a slightly different direction through the course I was taking on Voila and the photography course I took with Brit Hammer but now the path is clearer.

It was amazing to be surrounded by so many talented and truly lovely people. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly – even my polymer hero’s. I have made some truly great friends and I just wish I had more time and money so I could go visit them all soon! I know I will see lots of them again but it might just take a while. Thank goodness for technology for allowing us to keep in touch even when we are on the other side of the world!!It was so nice to connect in real life with people I considered friends online. The best thing is they were all even nicer in real life!! What a lot of fun we had!

Marjon, Amanda, Me and Saskia at the gala dinner

I don’t want to overload you with photos (and I don’t want to share loads of other people without their permission – sure the above ladies won’t mind being featured here)- you can see more on my Synergy 3 facebook album . While I’m mentioning facebook – if you don’t already like my facebook page please do so – another 70 likes to get me to 1000 likers which is incredible! I’ll do another giveaway when I get to 1000 as a thank you to you all for taking the time to like my page.

The gallery of work for sale was an amazing source of inspiration. So great to see the work I have admired in photos online up close. Wow there are some amazing artists out there! I had a small selection of things in the gallery – thank you to those of you who purchased things it made my day to know that polymer people appreciate my work too! It was great to see all the jewellery people were wearing too.

I was lucky enough to take some pre and post conference workshops with Angela Garrod, Maggie Maggio and Dan Cormier. They were all very different and I learnt different things in all of them. They are also all lovely people. I will try and finish off the things I made to share with you soon.

Thank you to Cynthia Tinapple for sharing one of my pendants (the one I wore on the first day) on Polymer Clay Daily – it was an honour to be featured! It made my transition back to the real world a little easier 😉 Here’s the image (my pendant being in the bottom right corner) and you can read the post here –

I am really looking forward to the next polymer clay get together – it’s so nice to connect with real people who share your passion!

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