Latest workshop dates and Thing a Day starts! | Cara Jane Polymer Clay Latest workshop dates and Thing a Day starts! | Cara Jane Polymer Clay

Latest workshop dates and Thing a Day starts!

Posted on February 1, 2013

I have several introduction to polymer clay workshops in Bristol throughout Feb- April. You will find details on my diary page and also in my facebook page events. There will also be a few intermediate level workshops – if you are interested in those please get in touch!  I also have couple of instore demonstrations at Hobbycraft Bristol, there you can see me make some polymer clay canes and I will have a small selection of my work available to buy. It’s a great chance to come and ask me any questions you have about polymer clay work too! If you want to keep up to date with what I’m doing and you haven’t already you can sign up to my mailing list here. I promise I won’t burden you with hundreds of emails – just one every couple of months or so and you can easily unsubscribe anytime you want.

Today being the first of February marks the start of the Thing a Day challenge on Polymer Clay Central Forum (an excellent place for polymer clay support!). I really enjoyed this last year – you can see all my makes here in this flickr set or on my pinterest board. I shall share my makes this year with you of course – perhaps not every day as I will be busy making 😉 It’s likely they will be posted on my facebook page more frequently – hopefully every day. It’ll be interesting to compare them with what I made last year.

Here’s my thing(s) for today! Love creatures – with valentine’s day coming up! They are heading off to the lovely Tenderfoot gift shop in Bristol and are hoping that someone lovely will brighten someone’s day by giving them as a gift 😉

polymer clay owls decorated with hearts
Lovely Owls
Polymer Clay Pigs decorated with hearts made by Cara Jane
Lovely Pigs
Lovely polymer clay heart decorated creatures by Cara Jane
Lots of lovely creatures – each one is different of course!

I haven’t done much clay work this month as I have been busy learning to take amazing photos of my work with Brit Hammer. It’s been hard work but an extremely valuable experience – I have learnt so  much! Hopefully you will notice a difference (perhaps not with these quickly grabbed shots)!


  1. your pigs are just adorable, love the ears.

  2. Definitely adorable! Love the way the pigs are looking lovingly up at someone (the person who chooses them at the shop perhaps)

  3. Those little darlings are just adorable Cara. So much character!! It is so much fun seeing your development in your work. You are getting better and better and better!!!

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