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Blue Thing a Days – Delft inspired cane

Posted on February 15, 2013

It’s all been a bit rushed this week but I have managed to make some canes for my Thing a Day Challenge. I chose blue as a theme as the lovely Sarah of Beadscrumptious was challenging herself to create something blue this week too.

Here’s the canes I’ve made over the last few days – inspired by my recent trip to Delft!

Day 1 I made a fairly simple flower cane with a crinkly centre
 Day 2 I made what I call a flourish – the bits you get at the corners or the sides of the main delft pattern – or on the corner of tiles

Day 3 I put them together. It wasn’t my original plan to put them together like, I was originally going to make a square cane with flourish corners but… this just happened.  They seemed to fit so well

I carried on and put them together a bit like a flower cane. I like the way it’s turned into a flower within a flower, with a flower on each of the large flower petals. Now I just need to decide what to make with it!

I’m going to have plenty of making time over the next few days, I am hosting a kids polymer clay party for one of my daughters friends (much to my daughters delight as she will of course be the expert and my helper!) and then I am going to be demonstrating polymer clay for a couple of days at a trade fair – I’ll tell you all about that when I get back!


  1. That blue cane turned out so beautiful!

  2. Extraordinary Cara. That is so beautiful!!!

  3. I have cane envy! You have more patience than I.

  4. This pattern would be pretty on a tea set.

  5. Lovely cane. I love the delft colors and patterns.

  6. I love the way you built the cane up gradually. It is very effective and looks fantastic! xx

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