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More Christi Friesen Inspiration

Posted on May 16, 2012

Inspired by the wonderful stained glass technique I learnt from Christi Freisen I made some earrings for the earring a week challenge.

They were fiddly but I was pleased how they turned out and I think they were worth the effort!

I also made some heart earrings and a pendant to match, again Christi showed us a neat way to make a heart and she taught us how to make the flower and the leaves that embellish it so it was a good way to practise some of the many techniques I learnt.

Thanks to a suggestion from the lovely Chris Pellow I then made a pair of sunflower earrings, and a matching pendant. These earrings are my earrings for this week.

I made these from Pardo clay, mixing a little colour to translucent clay. They are noticeably more translucent than the previous tulip earrings I made from Premo again using a little colour mixed with Premo Frost translucent. I am struggling to get a picture that shows this – if anyone has any suggestions please let me know! The pedant is not ideal unless you have a ‘glowing chest’ (as suggested by Christi 😉 but I think the earrings should demonstrate their translucence as they dangle from the ear.

Disappointed I couldn’t go to the second  Christi Friesen workshop London I cheered myself up by buying a couple of Christi’s books so you can expect more work inspired by Christi!

Right just off to watch the Craft Cast workshop with Melanie Muir (yes it is the middle of the night here in the UK!). You can buy a download of this workshop in the morning if you missed it 😉 So hopefully you will see a Rock Cuff bracelet before too long aswell!

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  1. You are on a roll here Cara! I think you should take the stained glass pictures against a window, preferably when it is sunny, or on a light box?

    Look forward to seeing dragons and all other marvelous creatures here!!

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