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New owls

Posted on April 19, 2012

Owls are still very fashionable it seems, which is cool cause I love them! I have just added an owl brooch and an owl keyring/charm to my owl repertoire. Here they are
owl brooch
Owl Brooch
back of owl brooch
Back of owl brooch
Owl keyring
 owl collection
Owl collection – brooch, keyring and earrings

The earrings are my earrings for this week in the pair of earrings a week challenge.

So owls can now be little ornaments, pendants, keyrings, charms, brooches and earrings – what next I wonder? If you’ve got a suggestion do let me know!


  1. Love your little owls, Cara! Adorable!

  2. Awww, cute owls! With he way you make the wings, I wonder if you could tweak them to put a small ‘basket’ in their arms, and make them into little trinket holders? 😀

  3. Cute and cute!

  4. Those are very cute and lovely Cara 🙂

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