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And the winner is….

Posted on February 19, 2012

The winner of my letter charm giveaway is…. Kirstin Miller! Congratulations a K will be on it’s way to you sometime soon. I am sure it will be delighted to come see all your wonderfully cute creatures! If you haven’t seen the amazing polymer clay creations Kirstin makes go check out  Quernus Crafts.

Teacup mouse by Kirstin Miller

I am also going to give away a bonus one to Pippa because she was the only one who commented here, and on facebook and  pinned it on pinterest (that I know about -do let me know if you did too and I missed it). Thank you Pippa I am guessing you were keen to win one! Likewise if you haven’t seen Pippa’s beautiful jewellery go check out Pips

Abundance in Green and Gold
Abundance bracelet by Pips

I will be in touch with you both to get your postal addresses.

Thank you to everyone else who took the time to comment or pin, I’m sorry you couldn’t all win. I do enjoy doing giveaways so I am sure you will get another chance soon!

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  1. Excited!!! Funny that you will be doing two K’s!!! Thank you so much Cara, I am so thrilled and so is Katie!

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