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Cat tutorial is in production!

Posted on January 4, 2012

You may remember these cute little fellows with flowery bottoms.

Well I also made plenty in random coloured stripes with odd little scraps of clay …

and I did promise you a tutorial.

Well I have started working on the cat tutorial and the deal is I will share it with you all as a thank you for encouraging and supporting me when I get to over 100 blog followers – so if you don’t already follow my blog please take a few minutes to do so by clicking on the ‘join this site’ button over on the left. If you are new to blogs and don’t already follow any let me reassure you that it’s nothing scary or sinister, or time consuming (unless you get addicted to reading blogs like me ….) – being a follower allows you to keep track of new posts on blogs you are interested in.  If you really don’t want to be a follower fair enough but please be kind enough to keep my smiling by leaving a comment on my blog (any time you fancy – it’s good to know your opinions on my ramblings!) or come ‘like’ my facebook page – you can find me there by following the link or by searching for CaraJaneContemporaryJewellery

If you already follow my blog a huge thank you to you! I really appreciate knowing that people are interested.

I hope you are enjoying the first few days of 2012. I am off to play with some of my new tools and books I got for Christmas and then sometime soon I will work on that web shop……


  1. They are really cute. I just got a new kitten and he’s black and white so I can’t wait for your tutorial.

    Hope you are having a good New Year.

  2. I have signed up to follow you – I told you I wanted that tutorial!

  3. Love your cats – they are stunning and so cute Cara.I made some snakes last summer, which I planned as rings but they ended up as pendants. But I want to try my hand at creating cat pendants without using molds, as I love my cat so much:)
    I would love to follow you, but am not on google friends:( I use network blogs to follow people usually, but I could sign up to your RSS feed.

  4. Thank you! Helen network blogs is fine, thanks!

    I had better go get back to work on that tutorial looks like it won’t be long!

  5. Hi Cara
    I love any tutorial that uses scrap clay AND turns out as cute as these kitties!
    Yay only 9 more togo
    Keep up the wonderful work
    and happy New Year-sherry

  6. Sherry I was going to send you a preview of my tutorial being as you are such a regular contributer to my blog comments but i can’t seem to find an email for you – let me know it if you see this please!

  7. Your kitties are really cute!! Can’t wait to receive the tutorial!!

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