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Keeping a pendant in place – tips

Posted on August 6, 2011

I get fed up when I am wearing a pendant on a cord and then I realise the clasp has twizzled round to the front and is distracting from my beautiful creation. I keep meaning to design some necklaces where the clasp is a feature but until I get round to that here’s a couple of tips to avoid it happening.

Tip 1 – Add a little extension chain (which also makes the length changeable) to the jump ring the clasp clips too and add something to hold it dangling down, here a little matching polymer clay bead. You can buy ready made little extension chains but I find they are too light on their own and still twizzle. I just bought a length of chain and used a 3cm or so length.

Tip 2 – This idea came from Caroline Harvey, Beads from the Coast, you can see more images in her flickr gallery. You wrap a bit of wire around the cord in the centre and then poke it inside the bail. Wouldn’t work for all pendants. I tried it on one of mine and once I got the thickness of the wire wrap so it fitted snugly in the bail it worked brilliantly. thanks for sharing the tip with us!

Tip 3 – Use crimps or knots to hold the pendant/beads in place. The pendant shown below has some little beads and crimps holding it in the centre of the wire, the weight of it stops the twizzling. I have done this with simple knots either side if on a couple of wide pendants if I am using cord. I can’t find a picture of knots though but you get the idea I am sure.

If you have any other tips do let me know in the comments below, I am sure others would be keen to see them. Hope you can find a way to string your things so you don’t end up showing of the clasp.


  1. Great tip on using a bit of wire…will try that. I have used crimps as well, but it is tougher when using thicker cording. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. The wire works really well….but do make sure there’s enough room for it inside the bail before you do it 🙂
    Thanks for spreading the word, Cara!

  3. Thanks for the ideas, Cara, I wish I had some others for you right now but I don’t. It’s a real problem and nice to have at least some kind of solution!

  4. Great tips! I’m going to have to try them out.

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