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Beaux Bangles with Carol Blackburn

Posted on May 23, 2011

I was lucky enough to attend a workshop with the lovely Carol Blackburn yesterday. The workshop was organised by Clectic Events (Rebecca Thickbroom) so I knew it would be well organised, and indeed it was! It was great to spend time with so many lovely people. To catch up with some people I now consider old friends and to meet some new friends too! And even better I get to see a lot of them again this Sunday at the London Polymer Clay Group Meeting .

I haven’t got long to write this post as I am preparing for my husbands 40th birthday on Thursday (i.e. making all the stuff I meant to make for him weeks ago but…) so I shall show you what I made (quickly snapped photos too – sorry).

I made 2 bangles in the workshop, although I had to finish bits of both of them at home today.

The first bangle I made I used Fimo, as the workshop was being sponsored by them and we had been given some blocks. I used to work with Fimo soft until they reformulated it and it became too soft for my liking, then I swapped to Kato and have never looked back. I have sanded it  but it doesn’t feel as nice as the Kato and I found it too sticky and squishy when I was working with it. It does smell better though! I really like one part of the bangle – this bit here

it’s a neat looking pattern and I like the spread of colours. And I really don’t like this bit

it looks kind of smeared and messy and the colours don’t work. The structure of it is good and sturdy and I like the technique Carol showed us.

The stripy one  is a lot more chunky than the first one and has a core of sculpey ultralight (thanks Toni for providing it!) so it isn’t much heavier. It was the first time I have worked with sculpey ultra light, and possibly the last, it’s like marshmallow! The rest of the bangle is made with Kato clay. It needed more sanding at the middle stage really but I rushed it as I wanted to get it covered in the class so the outer profile is a little lumpy and bumpy and not the best shape. It’s quite a striking piece of jewellery though and you don’t see the lumps and bumps.

I’ve done some more baking experiments (which I will report when I have a moment) so I hope with my new knowledge from Carol’s workshop and my experiments I can make strong skinny bangles too. Can’t wait to try out some more big bangles but it will have to wait, birthdays and then school holidays – hmm perhaps my children would like to make some too! My 6 year old son loves to make jewellery for his girlfriends, will have to find a child size bangle form!

The Ripple Effect is another Carol Blackburn/Celctic Events workshop happening in London on the 21st August. I can’t make that one unfortunately but I’ve seen the sample pieces and they look great!


  1. Your bangles are very nice! That must have so great to take a class from Carol Blackburn. She is one of my favorite Clay Artists and seems like a lovely person as well. Sounds like you enjoyed it.

  2. Lovely, particularly the stripy one. I actually like the smell of Kato now because it reminds me of Polymer Play Days and what a great time I had there!

  3. Thanks both of you. Carolyn she is a fantastic teacher and very lovely indeed! Jo the stripy one is my fav too.

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