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Polymer toggles

Posted on March 21, 2011

I have been thinking about making some polymer toggles for a long time now. I like toggle clasps I find them less fiddly than the lobster type clasps, especially for a bracelet when you only have one hand to do it up with!
I first thought about making them thinking about asymetric necklaces and using a decorative toggle as feature at the front of it, still haven’t tried that yet but I will sometime!
I was asked by a friend who can’t wear any metal to restring an 1930s necklace of her mothers so decided it would be the ideal time to try making a polymer toggle as it wouldn’t cause her any problems.
The first set I made I made the bar too short and it fell out of the hole! So I made smaller ring and a longer bar and then had 2 pairs that work effectively (i.e. stay done up!). I made them so the tiger tail I was threading the necklace with would thread through them. I reinforced both the bar with a length of wire and the ring with a jump ring, on reflection I don’t think the ring will need reinforcing. 
polymer toggle clasps

As you can see I textured them to save sanding 😉 The necklace I was restringing is lovely and I have a half made polymer reproduction of it. Here is the restrung necklace – my only work in the addition of the seed beads to lengthen it and adding the polymer toggle. Not quite sure what the rest of the necklace is, to be honest it feels a lot like polymer clay but it’s 80 years old and I am sure it wasn’t invented then!

An old 1930’s necklace, restrung and with a new polymer toggle.


  1. Great idea!

  2. I made a polymer toggle, too! I didn’t think to texture it and the sanding by hand was pretty tedious. I think handmade findings are great and add the “wow” factor!

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