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Feeling square

Posted on March 24, 2011

whilst at Polymer Pamper Play I made a square pendant and in one of those happy accident ways it came out of the oven slightly curved (it was baked on fibrefill). To start with I thought I might rebake it on a tile to flatten it then I realised that the curve was actually lovely. It gives it another dimension and means it sits nicely on the chest rather than sticking to you as a totally flat one might. Here it is

Slightly curved square pendant with the frayed demin pattern Carol Blackburn taught us.
I decided I wanted to replicate the curve but wanted to be able to control it rather than leave it to chance so I made myself a domed square curing block.
It seems to work, here are a couple of slightly curved square pendants
The black and white flower inspired by Toni’s top again!

This one is in the colours from the Color Palette a Week group on flickr for week 10

The Color Palette a Week group week 10 palette is these lovely colours

I made my  items in the right week but didn’t have time to sand and finish them. Here’s the other piece I made


  1. The stripy pinks and greens look great. Very classy.

  2. Son todos preciosos. Besos

  3. How are the new colors determined?

  4. I happened upon that nifty trick with the curved pendants early on – quite by accident. Not too long after that happy accident, I was in my local fabric store and saw one of the paper cores they roll fabric up on. It was the perfect size to bake my pendants on to give them just enough curve to where they don’t stick! Texture on the back helps with the sticking too!

  5. Oooh, I really love the blue necklace – it’s stunning! I need to come haunt your blog more often.

  6. The demin pattern pendant is lovely. Great Design. Thanks for the idea for the curved pendant, will have to give it a try.

  7. Thanks for all your comments.

    Roberta, Chris who started the group posts a new palette each week, how she picks them I don’t know.

    Arlene that sounds like a good idea!

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