This weeks colour palette creations | Cara Jane Polymer Clay This weeks colour palette creations | Cara Jane Polymer Clay

This weeks colour palette creations

Posted on February 13, 2011

In my last post I told you about the Color Palette a Week Group on Flickr. Well here is this weeks colour palette – it’s bright and I didn’t think I liked it but you have to try these things.

I mixed up the colours with some pearl clay included to make them a little softer and because I was in a shimmery type of mood. I also used the opportunity to try out some of the things on my ‘want to try’ list.

Here’s what I made

Thin stripes, yes all 3 colours are in there but it’s hard to see the pink especially. I wasn’t sure how to string the donut type pendant other than the obvious way which I am not overly keen on. Tried it on black buna cord, black suede,  grey suede and pink rattail before I decided perhaps red looked best as it saved introducing another colour.

This is a very experimental piece. I finally tried using metal leaf for crackles and I think you will be seeing more of that! The top part is a Sutton slice which worked beautifully thanks to the tips in Lisa Pavelka’s -The Complete Book of Polymer Clay, I used another of her texture stamps to do it, the back is textured with the same stamp btw. I then tried out using a layer of  liquid polymer clay as a varnish/protective layer over the gold crackles. I baked the piece as normal and the liquid clay was still a little milky so as recommended by Donna Kato I got the heat gun on it and wow – before my eyes it transforms to become clear and shiny.  I’m not sure you will see a piece quite like this again but I will be using all those techniques some more. I didn’t like this at all when I first made it, it was a playing about piece but now it’s growing on me and I almost like it.

A hollow oval donut  in mokume gane. These colours don’t really suit mokume gane as there isn’t enough contrast but it is a technique I am keen to improve. I thought after I had stacked them a second time – should of put another colour in to lift it but it was too late by then. I rescued the rest of the clay I had stacked to make the striped pendant above. I see so many stunning examples by other people and am never really that happy with mine. The Lisa Pavelka texture stamps are better to work with than most of the other stamps I have as they are deep so you get a good impression.  I look forward to wowing you with something stunning one day.
Whilst shaving the mokume gane I created a pile of shavings which looked rather appealing, they became this funny little pendant, another one I’m not totally sure about but it’s different!

So nothing I am totally in love with, they aren’t my colours but they did make me push some boundaries and try some new things so it was a worth while exercise. If nothing else the scrap clay from the 3 colours together makes a lovely red!


  1. Ver ver nice!!!

  2. Hi Cara, I love how you used these colours. It’s putting me in the mood for summer and warm weather. I have never tried the technique for the Sutton slice. I think I’ll give it a try. Do you use water or corn flour as a resist on the stamps. I have some of Lisa’s stamps and can you believe I’ve never used them!

  3. I used water as a resist on the stamp – I have had had problems with corn flour and Kato so I don’t use it at all. The water seemed to work well. Enjoy using your stamps, look forward to seeing what you get up to.

  4. These are some of my all time favorite color combos! I love what you did with them. Makes me what to go mix up some clay and get ready for spring.

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