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Chokers oven friendly!

Posted on February 10, 2011

Whilst I was ordering some more chokers I saw bracelets the same, nylon coated wire with a screw closure. I am often asked to make matching bracelets for my floating wire necklaces which is a problem as I don’t think floating wire bracelets work so I normally add more beads as shown below. I realise as I write this I haven’t actually tried a floating bead wire bracelet – hmm perhaps I should. Any other suggestions welcome.

Wire floating bead necklace
Bracelet to match necklace (had to get creative to make the pattern repeat neatly to the size required) on elastic

I wondered if the choker bracelets might be the answer. When they arrived I realised they had a different screw fitting, a textured one rather than the plain smooth barrel and I didn’t like the look. My first thought of course was – I’ll cover it with clay. But would the nylon coating on the wire be OK? I tested it and the answer is yes! I wanted to try it out so made a quick bracelet – not very happy with it as a bracelet but it’s something to work from.

Nylon coated wire bracelet with screw closure (the one on the right on it’s own is the covered screw barrel)

I had to make the hole in the beads reasonably large to fit over the screw fixing. They are larger than the covered screw barrel, I was in a rush and not thinking about it too much. It would probably be easiest to make the barrel covering a feature rather than trying to blend it in to the beads. I am not sure how you would secure them? Might try baking some right onto the wire next. You would need to secure at least one at the end or every time you took it off they would go flying everywhere! So something else on my list of things to try….

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