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One of my custom orders

Posted on November 6, 2010

At the 2 sales I have had I have taken quite a few orders. I am finding it quite tricky to be confident the customer will like what I’ve made so I have given them some options. This order was for a friend who lived locally so I made the beads and then took them to show her before I strung them.

She requested a spliced flower cane necklace on a cord with no metal clasps etc. in similar colours to this bracelet

There are about 12 different shades of browns and oranges and pinks and white and black in this bracelet  so it was going to be tricky picking up on that in a spliced flower where I normally use 4 sometime 6 colours.
These are the beads I made. I realise I forgot to take a picture of the finished necklace so will have to pop over for a cup of tea soon to do so. In the end it was strung with 5 flowers and some pink beads between the flowers as she wanted it to look lighter in colour. I finished it off with sliding knots, it took me about 5 attempts to get it the right length for her. I am looking forward to seeing her wear it!


  1. Cara, love your spliced cane. That’s one of my favorites. What did you use to texture the little brown spacer beads? Your extruder bracelet and pendant are awesome. Love those colors.

  2. Great work.

  3. Thanks

    Bonnie I textured the brown beads with a texture sheet I bought from the lovely Natalia at a polymer clay workshop in the UK. That doesn’t help you much – sorry.

  4. Es una verdadera maravilla. Besos

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