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Zebra cane and bracelet

Posted on June 12, 2010

I had a go at the zebra cane from Cindy Leitz video newsletter because I didn’t have much time but wanted to make a cane for the PCC forum June Cane Challenge (a good excuse to do lots of cane making). I didn’t think I liked animal prints really but thought this zebra one would be a variation on black and white stripes.  I made this cane and decided that I loved it!

I then made myself some beads. I sanded and buffed them today – without the Dremel cause the battery charger is not working 🙁 

I then spent about an hour trying out different ways to string them (they didn’t quite look the same on the stringing as they did in my head). I would do them differently if I did them again. I would make the beads more similar in size. I wanted them to be an eclectic mix just strung together without spacers but wasn’t sure that looked right when I tried it. Here is what I ended up with (mark 1 I feel, I feel a charm style bracelet coming on with beads like these and also perhaps another go at one like this but with more similar sized beads). I used up all my cane so I will be making more!

I  must also either select some beads to use with my polymer clay ones before I start making mine or go and buy some beads once I have made them, I never have anything that is just right it seems. I also must spend more money on fastenings. i bought some silver plate toggles which are pretty but the plating is coming of my favourite bracelet already (I have worn it a lot but….). I must invest in some solid silver ones even though they are expensive.


  1. Cara, cute bracelet. I love the idea of mixing the black and white with the blue. You have my head going now. I see a black and white Zebra flower cane on red beads. LOL.

    Very unique.

  2. Thanks Bonnie. you incorporate some colour into your beads and I will try some flowers in mine 😉 I did acutally try one with a ghost flower but it is too subtle I think.

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