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Tutorial links

Posted on May 24, 2010

There are hundreds of polymer clay tutorials out there on the internet, some you pay for ( in my experience these are excellent, the authors have put in much more time and they are very detailed) and many are free. There are lots of creative and generous artists out there! Some people have kindly collected the tutorials together onto pages of links and I would like to share a couple of these with you now so perhaps you can find  a new tutorial to play with.

http://www.everclay.dk/1_Tutlinks/tutlinks_US.htm is a very organised and comprehensive list of links 

http://beadyeyedbrat.com/polymerclay.html has a whole host of links both under ‘Our Clay Tutorials’ and ‘Tutorial links’ again they are well organised and comprehensive.

Not forgetting of course the wonderful http://www.polymerclaycentral.com/ . That link will take you to the master index of projects but there is a whole host of other things that are great about PCC – if you haven’t been to the forum yet you should!


  1. Don’t forget the relatively new ClayLessons.com for both free and paid tutorials. I’ve purchased a couple of tutorials from there and they are reasonable and very well designed for the money spent. I also have one tutorial listed and plan to do more… just have time issues!

  2. http://www.naamaza.com/site/detail/detail/detailDetail.asp?detail_id=4668

    I am putting tham here to remind myself now 😉

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