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Shiny Happy People

Posted on May 20, 2010

 I can now buff to a glass like shine!!!! I am very happy!

Thank you to my husband for buying the new Dremel and Workstation, Desiree for her tutorial on making a better buffing wheel, my children for donating the cotton muslin (stole one of my son’s comforter cloths – well he is nearly 6 now and doesn’t really use them any more and he does have several – I am not that mean a mum!) and all the other clayers who have given me advice on blogs, in forums etc….

Here’s what I did….

handmade cotton muslin  buffing wheels
2 buffing wheels mounted on standard dremel spindel
Dremel mounted on the workstation (the stuff in the back is my husband  mending his bike in the dining room so we are ‘together’)
After buffing! Lost a few threads! I look like I am covered in yellow fluff!
Top one is my hand buffed spoon, the bottom one was hand buffed and has now been made even more shiney with the dremel. Hard to see in photos but the difference is very clear to the eye. Dremel buffed is twice as shiny!

So where next? Need to sort out some wire for holding small beads for buffing. I shall try making some more buffing wheels – will try a tighter woven fabric in the hope I loose less of it! Going to see if I can squeeze another on the dremel mandrel – will probably try making a modified mandrel as suggested by Desiree. Oh and I shall be rebuffing all my things to make them even shinier!


  1. Looks great! Just be careful about buffing beads on wire. Did that once and it grabbed the wire and got strung up on the dremel — could’ve been a disaster if the wire was very long. I found buffing each bead just by holding them individually in our fingers worked best or for real small beads, on a short metal skewer. We even have a heavy cloth draped behind so that if the beads get flung, the fabric stops them and they are easier to find afterwards! You will find what works for you after.

  2. I’m impressed with the finish you have got.

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