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new toy

Posted on May 10, 2010

My husband has bought himself a new dremel because he needs it to do something in the loft, it’s a posh cordless one! When he was ordering all the bits he needed he also ordered a dremel workstation for me (he has been in charge of drilling holes in beads so far). So the quest to master dremel buffing will resume but should be easier cause I can use both hands. Any tips for using this set up gratefully recieved.


  1. Wow. I’m so jealous. Looks fantastic. Want one, want one, want one!!

  2. We have the same set-up and love it! I don’t use it for drilling holes so much — prefer doing it manually by hand. We use it for buffing the most and have to hold on tight to the object or they fling — good way to test the strength of the polymer piece – ha – lol! Have it at almost a 90 degree tilt and I make our own buffing pads as the ones with the dremel are not that great.

  3. Just a suggestion if you are using it for buffing and have “flying” beads (ask me how I know this can happen!!!) Drill your holes first, then run a piece of wire or a small knitting needle (according to how big your hole is) through the hole. I found a set of 4 very small diameter knitting needles in a bead shop on my way to the Orlando Fandango last year that are just perfect. I thread 6 to 8 on there and buff away. Works great and no more flying beads!

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