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Paisley Cane Project

Posted on March 4, 2010

So for the first time ever I have sat down and properly planned a polymer clay project, normally I have a rough idea and just sit down with my clay or pick a tutorial to follow. I wanted to make a set of decorated handle cake forks for my sister in law. She is married to an Indian and has her dining room decorated in an Indian theme and she has recently returned from a holiday to India so I decided to make them based on an Indian theme.

I browsed some images on the internet and collected together some of my favourite and looked at the colours. I liked the bright colours and  settle on a palette to use in my project and even made a contrast table (as suggested in Color Inspiration).

Here are the colours I chose, all custom mixes (chosen from my colour tasting tiles held up against the images I printed) with the exception of the yellow which is straight from the packet. There is a recipe on the back for each colour. This is Kato clay by the way.

I then designed the clay ‘fabric’ I would make to cover the handles. I decided on a Paisley cane and even did a sketch. I tried to work out roughly how much I would need to make a cane the right size. It would be terrible to run out! I will also use the components from the paisley scattered amongst it, the leaf and the flower.

I started by making a flower cane, I backed it with purple as that will be the base colour of the fabric.

I then started using my drawing to  make the cane (I have always just made it up or followed a tutorial before)

I had meant to make the centre of the Paisley a different colour, possibly white. I meant to make the petal cane and then construct 2 different flowers with different backing  but I forgot and only made one flower cane and that was backed with purple – so purple it was… 
Packing in place for main part of cane. It is going to be reduced pretty small to fit on the fork handles so thought the black outline would help. Probably some of these shapes are too small.
   It was a close call with the orange. I ran out of red Kato so couldn’t mix any more. Luckily  by using skinner blend logs I had enough. More red ordered and should be here by the weekend!

The cane ready for reduction. But how should I reduce it? I am off to experiment with the different techniques and will report back.


  1. think this project is becoming more purple than I had originally but she likes purple so it should be OK!

  2. That is going to be a great looking cane…let me know how the reduction process goes. I am working on more inks and dyes this weekend…will post when I get it done.

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