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Glow in the Dark Rainbow Jellyroll cane

Posted on March 17, 2010

This is a neat cane which I learnt from one of Cindy Leitz’s video newsletters  (I love Friday’s the day they arrive!). There is a lot of excitement about this Friday’s video as it is Faux Opals that look great!

I had to switch back to Fimo as I had Fimo Soft Glow in the Dark and Kato don’t make one (might be worth an email suggesting that they do of course). I find the fimo so soft to work with now I don’t really enjoy it.

I did for the first time ever put a cane in the freezer for 15 mins before slicing – worked a treat. The cane was nice and firm to work with after that – until it warmed up. Will have to try some of Cindy’s cane slicing tips! I do need some help with slicing canes better so if anyone has some tips leave a comment or mail me! I shall make it a mission to experiment and perfect slicing canes.

Glow in the dark rainbow jelly roll cane!
So first things first I made the obligatory cane end tortoises (one from each end of the cane)
I gave these little guys glow in the dark eyes too 😉
I then made a couple of simple cane slice beads and a couple of lentil swirl beads, not sure I swirled them enough now – oh well next batch!
Well these beads have popped into my ‘need holes’ box as there was no way I was going to make a needle hole in fimo soft lentils – they’d be squished up (althought I suppose I could of employed the freezer again – must try that with some scrap ones). Once they emerge from the need holes box (waiting on my husband to either drill some holes or set me up to do it myself – he’s the tools guy) they will make their way to my ‘need sanding’ box – one day they may emerge as some jewellery….


  1. Great job on the cane and the beads you made with it, Cara! Love the little turtles!

    You could try leaching the clay to make it less soft. Run some between two sheets of clean paper through your pasta machine. Keep getting thinner until you get it as thin as possible. Then scrape the clay off the paper and you will see an oily stain on the paper.

    This is some of the excess plasticizer. The clay should be much firmer to work with this way. Then you won’t need so many other tricks for working with a soft cane! 🙂

  2. I absolutely love your turtles! Great job! I haven’t had time to try the tutorial yet…next week for sure.

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