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Blogger picture problem and Pledge Finish

Posted on March 29, 2010

I was struggling trying to load some pictures into my post when I realised that the pictures of mine have disappeared from my blog and other people’s blogger blogs. I guess there is a server problem somewhere.
I shall give up with that post til later.

I tried the Pledge Multisurface Wax (the UK version of Future I believe) today. I painted it onto an unsanded tortoise – no problem but it does emphasise the finger prints (it was a premo one wouldn’t have had finger prints on a Kato one). I tried painting it onto a flat pendant but it wouldn’t cover the surface. I would paint it on but it would creep away from some areas. I tried spreading it out again and again but it kept doing the same. I tried it on a freshly sanded button which was well sanded and buffed and it did the same. The polish made a sort of donut shape coming away from the edges and the centre of the button. Anyone got any ideas?

It says on my bottle it should be dry after 20 mins and nothing about recoating. It also says something about being self sensitive so it won’t build up – does that mean I won’t be able to put more coats on? I gather from what I have read that Future says it can be recoated after 8 hours. I will leave them over night but so far I am not impressed.


  1. I have always dipped my beads in the future and I only have had to use a paint brush on a few. I am surprised that it made sort of donut shape coming away from the edges. Future is so thin that it actually drips off my pieces…I usually have had to wait a bit and catch any drops that may accumulate at the bottom when dipping. It could be the brand that you are using maybe. Wish I could help you. I have also baked mine again after the floor wax has dried…I think it gives it a shinier look sometimes.

  2. It was lying flat – I am sure it would all have run off it wasn’t. I did dip a few little beads at the same time -I shall go and check them now.

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