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Blogger in draft

Posted on March 28, 2010

 I came across Blogger in Draft thanks to a tip of from Doreen’s Backyard Beads Blog. It is an easy way to change your blog and I know several people have revamped their blogs using it and they look great. I haven’t really played around with my blog design yet but it has a host of other features that are much better than the standard Blogger. For example there is a spell check on the Compose toolbar and also an add video button.

When you add pictures you have many more options. You can upload from your picasa web albums, your computer and it also shows all the photos already used in your blog. You can a caption and edit the link to the picture.

Paisley Pendant

To use this you just log into and then tick the option at the top right to make Blogger in Draft your default dashboard.


  1. Cat, thanks for the info about the blog draft. Love your pendant and your tut on the paisley cane.

    How are you feeling? Still on crutches?

  2. Thanks Bonnie.

    I am off the crutches, I am even wearing 2 normal shoes – hurrah! Getting there. I am hoping to start driving short distances again this week which will be a huge relief and normal life will slowly resume.

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