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Actually made some jewellery!

Posted on March 10, 2010

Last night I delved into my big box of polymer clay things and liberated some to become jewellery. Here they are.

Here are some of those Kato extruder technique beads (the tutorial is being written!)
I am really pleased with how this turned out. Although normally I really don’t like brown or orange, somehow I love the colours on this. I wouldn’t wear it as it wouldn’t go with my normal colours so I will have to make the same but in different colours I guess. Probably turquoise and green.
Here is a purple creation made from a few bits of scrap and a couple of purple sparkles. It’s a little on the random side but I quite like it. This is that same Kato extruder technique with purple, magenta and white.
Here I am wearing a necklace made from the Kato spliced flower cane I made as part of my brand comparison trial. I only made a small cane and I just about managed to squeeze 3 slices from it. 
Close up of splice flower cane beads

I spent this morning making a bracelet from a kit I was given for Christmas 2 years ago!It is jangling as I type, and definitely not recommended for wearing whilst working with clay lol.
Blue glass beaded charm bracelet
I would like to say a huge thank you to my wonderful mum who has not only given up the last 3 weeks to look after our family (whilst I am on crutches after having an operation on my foot) taking the kids to school, shopiing, cooking, cleaning, washing etc. but has got out all my clay things for me everyday, and tidied them up! She bought the bits I needed to complete the brown necklace at the weekend and has been a great artistic sounding board!

It feels really good to actually make somethings rather than leave all my beads and bits in a box waiting to be brought to life. I hope to liberate some more soon (another sanding session in order…)


  1. You make some beautiful jewelry! Your cane work is awesome. I am very interested in learning the kato extruder technique. I really like the texture on that! Your mum has got a heart of GOLD…what a blessing…moms are the greatest! Hoping your foot heals fast, Surfing Cat!

  2. These are so pretty! Thanks so much for the blog comment on my website.

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