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Busy polymer clay day for all the family

Posted on February 26, 2010

We have been busy playing with polymer clay for a lot of this afternoon (me with my bad foot up on a chair and lots of pain killers). Here are some things we made

James made an X wing (from star wars)

Daisy made a spoon, I gave her the bits she is too young(not quite 4) to be making roses on her own, yet….
I made my first kalidescope cane which was originally going to cover a
base to hold some pens for gifts but I had the wrong type and they melted in the oven so I changed to making  teaspoons and used a few slices of the cane to made a bead just because and off course the cane end tortoises I now always make. See polymer passions blog  for details of how to make them.  
Here is one of the ‘filament wound’ spoons I made as a gift for some people I used to work with ‘filament winding’ . It is a composite materials manufacturing technique where you wind carbon fibre around a steel madrel to make a carbon fibre tube. This is made from fine extruded black polymer clay (fimo in this case) wrapped round a teaspoon handle that had been coated in a layer of black fimo. I think this effect would be good using some colours so I will try it out another day.

I also  made a rather large bangle! I bought the tutorial from Tonjas Treasures but hadn’t printed it out so tried it from memory having read it once. Being on crutches I formed it round a glass on the table which was to hand as I can’t just rumage around like I would normally. I don’t have any texture plates so must get round to making some to do this next time.


  1. What a great family clay play day. James and Daisy seem to have inherited the creative gene.

    I like your Kaleidoscope cane a lot. Sorry to read about the pen experience, but the cane, bead, and cool cane-end tortoise are wonderful.

    Hope that your foot is healing up nicely and QUICKLY!

  2. Thanks!

    I love your sunflower necklaces, so bright and full of sunshine. Did you see I posted a picture of that curling petal cane?

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