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Electric Zebra Flower

Posted on February 6, 2012

For my thing a day challenge I was experimenting with canes. I came up with this and I rather like it! I think it’s quite striking. Normally if I am experimenting I photograph the stages so I can recreate it if it works out. I didn’t this time but I think I can remember so I am off to try and recreate it!

I put this picture together so you could see the back and the front which are subtly different. The little petal dangle is on the end of an extension chain which not only allows for some variation in length of pendant but helps to keep the clasp at the back. Not sure I like all the words, is it too fussy?  

This was my thing a day for day 5 of February. You can see all the other things I have made each day in this flickr set. It has been quite hard to keep up as I have been ill, luckily some things were quite quick and some things were started and just needed finishing. I am enjoying the challenge and like that it makes me finish things, it saves things from going into those dreaded boxes of part made things – the to be sanded box, the holes needing drilled box, the I don’t know what to do with this box!


  1. LOVELY pendant !!!! and no, words are not too fussy 🙂
    Great you are taking on that challenge Cara. I wanted to do the earrings but do not have enough hours in the day, let alone the energy.
    Funny to see too how you name your boxes. Mine are: new beads, old beads, old beads2, loose things.. LOL

  2. Cara, that is beautiful and I love the petal dangle too. I just have one box that everything goes in lol, otherwise I would have about 20!!!!!

  3. Really pretty!

  4. Thanks Chris. Would be interesting to have a discussion about what everyone does with their bits and bobs of unfinished work! I could do with a better way to sort mine!

    Pips – yes I have about 20 boxes lol. Can never remember which is which either cause they aren’t labelled. But if I put them in one box it would be huge and I would never find anything. Ought to get rid of them all really.

  5. I’m sure you will work it out which is good because it’s fab!

  6. Te ha quedado muy bonita. Besos

  7. I absolutely love this!! please try and remember how you came up with it!

  8. Beautiful! Love the colors and the cane used. Hope you remember how you did it! Or….that the 2nd time around you figure out a better way! 🙂

  9. Amazing! xx

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