My workspace and my new friend | Cara Jane Polymer Clay My workspace and my new friend | Cara Jane Polymer Clay

My workspace and my new friend

Posted on February 7, 2011

When I first started my polymer clay journey I was working on the kitchen table. It was a pain having to get everything out and pack away again, often a few short hours later when my daughter was at preschool. Before the children were born I had a craft room, but it had become a playroom. Mention of the desire to move house so I could have a craft room again got my husband worried and we found a solution. We put my old craft bench back in the playroom with a set of shelves above and a chest of drawers below to store all my stuff. The kids don’t mind because often they play clay with me!
Me and my children making polymer clay jewellery together

It is normally a chaos of half finished things and things I am not sure where to put, I am not the neatest person and I always seem to have something I just have to do which is more important than tidying up.Today I finally tidied up so I thought I had better take a picture quick before it gets messed up again! I still have a lot of organising to do of my jewellery making findings and beads etc but at least they are all in one place and tidied up. I will try and do some organising next week.

My work space – tidy for once!!

 If you look very carefully in the middle of the shelves is my new little friend (see him up close below). I have been admiring the cute creations of Quernus Crafts for some time, I couldn’t take the cuteness any more and just had to buy myself one! I now have a little mouse to watch over me while I work, needless to say the children totally adore him too! Daisy likes to go and give him a kiss, so sweet (guess what she’s going to get for her up coming birthday!)

My new little friend – made by Quernus Crafts 

Please feel free to pass on any tips about organising and keep your work space neat!


  1. Great idea. I have a craft corner in the guest room. What usually happens is that my craft stuff gets spread all over the guest bed until we have guests!

  2. Your work space is tidy! I would be afraid to show you mine right now…not tidy at all! Love your little new friend from Quernus Crafts…love their little creations!

  3. It’s tidy now, well it was tidy when I took the photo – already the bench is covered with work in progress but normally it’s chaos!

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